Backwoods Honey Berry


It’s about time to experience a blunt that tastes like a world renowned honey-infused dessert. The Backwoods Honey Berry cigarillos are immaculately constructed mini cigars that provide the smoker with a mild in strength smoke that is underpinned by a flavor-filled experience and a rather pleasant aroma. Their sweet taste emanates from the combination of natural and homogenized tobaccos that comprise it, backed by a seamless natural wrapper that renders a solid construction. Offering a consistent, even-burning smoke each time it is ignited these cigarillos are a perfect choice for a short, satisfying smoke. Four inches in length, this product has a gauge of 27 – an impeccable size to fit short filler tobaccos. Satisfy your craving to experience the best combination of honey and tasty berries in your next smoke by puffing on this masterpiece.

Each unit includes 8 packs of 5 cigars (total 40 cigars)

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