Jack Herer


Jack Herer is a sativa strain that offers blissful, uplifting and mild body effects. This name of this famous strain originates from longtime cannabis advocate Jack Herer, and it was created by Dutch breeders to pay tribute to the legend. It’s among the top cannabis strains in the world today, due to its uplifting and euphoric high.

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Jack Herer cannabis strain is amongst the top Sativa-dominant hybrids in the world. The author of this strain was an activist who fought for the legalization of cannabis and industrial hemp during his years.

While Jack Herer was a cannabis enthusiast, he was also an environmentalist. Herer had a passion for the use of hemp as a renewable resource. Herer believed that hemp had so many applications including its ability to be used as fuel or fiber. Sadly, Herer died in the year 2010 at the age of 70, nearly two decades after his tribute strain was established in the Netherlands. However, his legendary contributions to the cannabis world still live today. This strain will continue to teach all cannabis consumers about Herer’s legacy for years to come.

This sativa dominant strain has a reputation for its intellectual, creative, uplifting mental effects while still offering a mellow body high. Users who consume this strain should expect a feeling of relaxation after inhaling this legendary strain. This strain was produced by crossing three different unique strains including Haze, Shiva Skunk, and Northern Lights #4, to bring you all of the happy, cerebral effects of a Sativa accompanied by a light dusting Indica effects.

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