Northern Lights


Northern Lights, also called CI #5 F1, is a popularly acclaimed indica dominant strain which has received several awards. This strain is suitable for all people, including growers, medical patients, and recreational consumers. The strain can be easily seen in most dispensaries in the West Coast and Colorado.

Northern lights kush is also nicknamed as a two hit and quit strain because it puts the body into a fantastic numbing, and lazy mode. The ability to become couch locked and eat a lot of snacks may be a heavy burden for novice users to carry.

This strain offers a full body high, accompanied by a sense of well-being and happiness. A few professional smokers have acknowledged to having increased creativity and focus as well.

However, it offers some adverse effects such as dry mouth and eyes, dizziness, paranoia, and anxiety in higher doses.

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Similar to other Indica-dominant strains, Northern Lights is great for night time usage during moments of insomnia. Northern Lights is a very pure Indica strain, which makes it a very soothing strain. Users can also smoke this strain to gain relief from symptoms like stress and anxiety. Most people can use this strain to obtain relief from chronic pain, as well. It also provides robust appetite-inducing effects which are necessary for people with eating disorders like anorexia.

Northern lights can best be enjoyed at night because it offers fast-acting and heavy-hitting effects. Most cannabis enthusiasts may become lost in their couches after consuming this strain. Furthermore, you may also be filled with so much hunger and start searching for some edibles.

If you are in search of a highly fast sedative or painkiller for your conditions, then this impressive bud will do the trick.

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