Sour Diesel


Sour D is a top shelf favorite amongst medical patients. It is well known that quick relief is experienced after treatment for depression, stress and pain. The calming effects of Sour Diesel are what is really unique about its properties as its also a very good social cannabis strain.   

“ It helps with pain that came from taking a statin drug. It helps my anxiety disorder and depression. It keeps me sane when dealing with the grandkids.”  

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One of the most famous legendary strains the market that spawned many other hybrid varieties of cannabis, Sour Diesel is a strain to reckoned and something that should be in every cannabis cultivators arsenals.

A sativa dominant strain that was developed in the United States and has made itself as a strong and potent strain. THC measures in at 20-25% and the many varieties of Sour Diesel are well known amongst both the growing and recreational community. Although the exact cannabis genetics of Sour Diesel is not known it seems to be common general knowledge that it is a cross of Diesel, Chemdawg, Super Skunk and/or Northern Lights or thereabouts. The strain made a name for itself early in the illegal underground scene in the early 1990s and labelled itself as a legendary strain soon after. Winning multiple cannabis cups from the High Times Plant of the Year to 2005 IC Magazine Cup, Sour Diesel was a legacy and also provided top genetics for many of the hybrid varieties that have been created since. Sour Tsunami, East Coast Diesel, Sour Jack, NYC Diesel to name a few are some of the hybrids that have been created by breeders and seedbanks alike.

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